The Association was formed on 22 March 2000 and officially chartered by the ministerial order (144/2000) issued on 20 May 2000 in Muscat, Oman.

The Early Intervention Center is the only center in Oman to provide children, from birth to the age of six, specialized programs that cover all developmental areas. Since its inception the Association’s has worked towards improving the key elements of our program;  has been to continuously develop and build a partnership with parents of children with special needs and upgrade its staff.

Our Mission

The Association serves children from birth to six years, who are at risk or disabled, with a comprehensive early intervention program that covers social, academic and therapeutic services. Our objective is to have children enroll in regular schools or minimize their disabilities to ensure a better quality of life for them and their families. The Association also undertakes an educational and advocacy role to improve societal awareness of people with special needs.

Our Vision

  • Provide children with special needs with
  • Every possible opportunity to enjoy their rights
  • The ability to fully integrate in society as individuals
  • The benefit of services provided by the Association and the community at large
  • The right to live a dignified life

Our Aim

  • Expand our services to serve larger numbers
  • Cover a wider geographic area
  • Work with a wider range of disabilities
  • Continue providing education and advocacy for children with disabilities